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"Life is like riding a bicycle. We don’t fall unless we plan to stop pedalling."

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Traductions PC Translations

Traductions PC Translations

Traductions PC Translations is a registered, independent company, and thus, YOUR partner, and not an employee of a real estate board.

PRICING, for the translation of MLS® listings for members of the Real estate boards of the province of Quebec.

« Remarks » box = Flat rate at $20.

Addendum = $0.25 per word to be translated; NOT COUNTING repeated words, proper nouns, and brand names.

Mode of payment = PayPal® (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and your bank card).

Delivery = 3 to 5 working days, OR LESS, after getting the approval number from PayPal®.

N.B. Texts submitted for translation, including texts of your MLS® listings, must ALL be submitted either in Word format (.doc), or HTML (as an Internet message) only… That is, until your Real Estate board finds a simple way for you to be able to submit only the URL link of your listings that could be "copied" and "pasted" so that all characters, letters and space of your texts may be automatically counted by the word processing software, i.e. MS-Word.


ONCE YOUR DOCUMENT HAS BEEN SUBMITTED, by using Traductions PC Translations' email address which appears below, you will shortly receive a free estimate for the requested translation. Do not forget to mention what it is that you want translated, i.e. the "remarks block only", or the "remarks and addendum"... and, perhaps, the "inclusions and exclusions" too.

SHOULD YOU ACCEPT the estimated amount, all that will be left for you to do will be to follow the PayPal® instructions to send us your confirmation.


Since the following are also part of a successful real estate professional's tool kit - but not subject to above-mentioned price list - any order you might consider placing with us such as, the translation of your general professional standard correspondence, your publicity, your web site, etc., may be submitted to us, confidentially and at your convenience, for a free estimate regarding pricing and delivery.

However, pricing quoted above is standard, and pertains strictly to residential listings ("remarks" and addendum).

Any more questions? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You may simply send us an e-mail requesting us to phone you up and we' ll do so promptly, no charge.


Pierre Cardinal

Traductions PC Translations

Tel. : 514-552-7152


YOUR real estate partner / VOTRE partenaire en immobilier


En affaire avec vous depuis 2004 / In business with you since 2004

A bilingual listing reaches so many more people!
Une inscription bilingue rejoint tellement plus de monde !

Successful real estate professionals concentrate their activities mainly upon getting new listings and promises to purchase. As for the rest, they have learned to delegate for listings and promises to purchase alone may be translated into a potential source of income.

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